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Securing Your Apps and Web Services with the Geneva Framework

I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak at the DFW Connected System Users Group Meeting for the month of March. I agreed to provide the group with an overview of Microsoft’s Geneva Framework which allows you to secure your applications and web services using a claims-based model.

So, to provide the best presentation I could I spent some time going through the PDC 2008 Geneva presentations and compiled a slide deck that provides a good high-level guide to how you can secure your apps and services with Geneva.

I also decided that instead of just going over the samples provided with the Geneva CTP, I would build a sample of my own that showed a couple of things that aren’t quite apparent from the samples and documentation. It consisted of an Active Security Token Service, a Passive Security Token Service, an ASP.NET Web application that uses web based single sign-on to authenticate and authorize users, and a web service that uses identity delegation to authenticate and authorize users.

I felt the presentation went pretty well and from the feedback I received from the group, I think they liked it quite a bit as well.

I want to thank those that attended for the great questions and participation and I hope I get a chance to present again in the future. As promised, below is my slide deck and source code. Please contact me if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help you out.

Securing Your Applications Slide Deck

Sample Source Code

I Finally Joined the Twittering Public

So this weekend I was catching up on some web casts and caught Mark Pesce’s Keynote from ReMix08 Australia. It was basically about how the current Internet culture is hyper-connected because of social networking sites like Twitter. So, I decided to check it out and joined up. It’s pretty simple, just send random posts through out the day to indicate what you are doing or what is on your mind. Besides posting your thoughts and what you are doing, you can follow others and monitor what they are posting. There are even some innovative sights that are monitoring the thousands of posts and using them to come up with some really unique presentations of what the Twitter society is currently thinking.


You can find me at http://www.twitter.com/jimlavin,  maybe we’ll bump into each other, who knows.