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The future of things

I’m sitting in an aisle seat as I fly from Atlanta, GA to Boston, Ma enjoying browsing the web on my iPad at 30,000 ft. When I was a kid I only dreamed that I’d have a computer the size of a tablet of paper that could pull me information wirelessly in an instant. But to my amazement it’s a reality! Funny thing is I thought I’d be a lot older when it would be possible.

Not only am I writing a blog post, but I’m carrying on three separate chat sessions with people in three different parts of the U.S., perusing the latest e-books on Amazon and pre-ordering Jimmy John’s to be delivered to my hotel room after I arrive.

These are just some of the possibilities that ubiquitous computing and ubiquitous Internet access bring to our lives.

Now, the only thing left is to perfect the transporter so I don’t have to waste 6 hours flying cross country. When that happens, I’ll really be living my dreams!