Another Home Run for Roku

First Roku came out with a digital media player the size of a small external hard drive for $99 that allowed you to stream Netflix On Demand content to your TV.


Then Roku provided High Definition output giving you the ability to watch much of Netflix’s content in High Definition.

Now, Roku has teamed with Amazon to provide the Video On-Demand Store on the Roku player.


This week Roku is pushing a firmware update that give you the ability to surf the Video On-Demand Store from the comfort of your living room couch in a very comfortable lean back mode of entertainment.

Setup is easy, all you need to do is go to and link your Roku box to your account and you’re done.  Then, you just navigate to the On-Demand Video menu option and you get a very nice menu system that givesyou access to over 40,000 Movies and TV Series that you can either rent or buy to watch on your Roku device.

This in my opinion is the start of the future of digital content. Way to go Roku, my hat’s off to you!

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1 thought on “Another Home Run for Roku

  1. adam

    This is a good move for Roku. I personally own a VUDU Box so I don’t see any justification in buying a Roku box anytime soon, but I think this definitely adds some functionality to the product. The lack of HD through Amazon is kind of a turn off though.


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